About Me

Hi there.  My name is Julia, and I’m a sophomore in high school with an inner nerdiness for all things Science and History.  I’ve been a vegetarian for three years now, and I’ve been a nature-lover my whole life.  One day, I will have a Ph.D in Biology, and one day, I will travel around the world saving animals and ecosystems as a wildlife biologist.

Until then, I have Ecospherical.

Ecospherical is my own creation; it’s a way I try to make a dent in the pressing environmental crisis.  We live in a world of consumption, wastefulness, and corporate greed–a time where anything can be ours, if we work for it, or, for a few, even if we don’t.  There are problems all over the world, but I operate on the basic belief that understanding, and then education, are the first, crucial steps to achieving solution.

Outside of Ecospherical, I am a creative writer, a hiker, a web designer, a wildlife photographer, a dancer, and a pianist.  I am one of those people who loves school and learning with a passion, and I read. a lot.  My favorite genre is Science Fiction, and I love watching crime & medical dramas.  (I am a HUGE Bones fan!)  I am pro-choice and pro-gay rights.  I am an atheist.

My other websites:

Angelic Calamity: my web design portfolio and personal blog

Inquisitively Me: my photoblog

Audax Hosting: a web hosting service run by my friend and me


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