Way to Be Green #1

Hello readers! I have officially decided to start a third blog. (I’m crazy, right?) This one will be entirely dedicated to educating viewers about the natural world and what they can do to help preserve it. Fun! I’ll do my best not to be boring. :)

I’ve begun writing a small series called Way to Be Green. Each post contains a small, easy tip for making your day to day life more eco-friendly and the statistics explaining why doing these little things is such a big deal. I’m trying to raise awareness and motivate people to learn about the effects of their actions on the planet, and I want people to know that yes, they can make a difference.

So let’s start, shall we?

Tip #1: Go Green by using organic cosmetic and beauty supplies.

This is a tip that doesn’t get publicized a lot. Why not?

Let’s think about the effect all these big hot-shot beauty product brands have on our planet. Think about when you are in the shower, shampooing your hair and washing all those chemicals down the drain. Think about when you wash make up off your face, or when you empty a can of hair spray over your head. Think about where the byproducts of these expensive, little luxuries end up: in the air you breathe and the water you drink.

Maybe we don’t think about it much because we aren’t actively deciding to pollute every time we use a product; to us, we’re just taking a shower. But, how many times a day do you find yourself washing something down the drain? Soap? Shampoo? Conditioner? Make-up? Hair Gel? Hair Spray? Body Wash? Shaving Cream?

Just think about it. Every time we so much as wash our hands, we dump nasty chemicals into our water in the form of soap residue. What else is lingering in our other body products? Products, of course, which have already used up energy being produced and transported and, once emptied, will likely sit in a dump somewhere for decades until they decompose. We are a wasteful world, and this is a problem.

But there is such an easy solution.

Why don’t we give organic products a chance? Instead of buying $50 shampoos, why not use organic ones made from natural ingredients which are better not only for our planet, but also for our health and our wallets. I am now a huge fan of Burt’s Bees, as I use their Super Shiny Shampoo and Very Volumizing Conditioner every morning and their body lotions every night. I am also a huge fan of Origins, whose makeup products make my skin feel so much mor healthy and beautiful than any of the ridiculously expensive brands.

Give eco-friendly products a chance. Your body, your wallet, and your planet will thank you later. :)